Alright, I know it's been a while. For a while, there really was nothing to post. But then, the optimist in me was just putting off this post since there really isn't any good news per se. (I like to post happy things that make people glad that they took the time to read this, but instead we'll just need you to pray for us for the time being. It will be worth your time in the end!) Anyway, here's the update.

We finally got all the paperwork from my idiotic doctor's office. We sent in a packet of paperwork a few weeks ago that we thought would be all we needed to set up our home study update. Of course, we should just stop thinking things because we are always wrong. It turns out that we do need our fingerprints re-done for the home study and we got those going last week. (We thought we just needed them for the dossier-part of the paperwork, so we weren't focused on them quite yet). So that's all in, but of course there is yet another hang up...

Two Wednesdays ago John went in to work and found out that he had been let go. Not because he's a bad employee or anything, but his company hasn't been doing so well and this was the second round of lay-offs. People have expressed their condolences when they hear, but it really wasn't the worst thing in the world. He really liked his boss and another guy there, but he didn't feel there was too much room for influence and his creativity was limited in that setting. Even the night before we had been talking about what to do for the future since this wasn't really the setting he wanted to be in the rest of his life. Well, I guess God agreed!

So, now it's time to figure out what's next for him. The ultimate goal is for John to make enough that I can quit working once our Ethiopian princess comes home. But what is that? Please pray that we would make wise decisions and that God would make our path very clear on what we are supposed to do now. And if you wanted to ask him that whatever it is, that it does not include me working at Geico the rest of my life, that would be great.

How this affects the adoption? We're not sure exactly, but I'm hoping not too much. We will have to re-fill out our financial form of course, but when we started this process, John didn't have a job and we still meed the financial requirements with my income.

So, that about brings you current. Eventually I will be bringing good news, but it may still be a while. Thanks again for all your support and love through this process. We do not doubt that we are on the right path, it's just a little longer than we anticipated.

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