New Home Study Time

Okay, so barring any other unexpected delays, we should be having our home study this Saturday at 11:00am. We have (only by the grace of God) kept our apartment clean this week and should only have to vacuum and dust (and maybe mop the kitchen) before our visit. It should be a little less hectic at least.

John has been working back at MasterPieces, but only temporarily. They need some help during the holiday season (believe it or not, companies are already getting things ready for Christmas). It is as good a way to make a little extra money as any. We are still asking God for some direction as far as permanent employment goes, so you can still be praying for that for us. We are seriously looking at starting our own business (with a little help from the Lings) where John and Andrew would design freelance and also do things like wedding invitations, stationary, etc. Please keep us in your prayers- and don't forget our little girl as well. Thank you so much!


Alysa said...

Yay! We will be praying :)

Anonymous said...

We need a new update now because I just read it. How did the home study go, assuming it actually happened this time? I hope it went well. I'm proud of your clean-house-keeping. Um, I'm actually just going to call you now, so you can still post later if you want (like you wouldn't or something...).