We've hit another mile stone!

So, we finally mailed our dossier at the beginning of this month. The adoption agency received it (meaning, it did not get lost in the mail!) and reviewed its contents. We had to resend a couple of items (neither were a big deal) and they told John that everything was good to go. Our case worker told John that they would be sending it off to Washington DC this past Friday and then off to Ethiopia.

However... we got an email yesterday that said they have sent our entire dossier off to ETHIOPIA as of Friday. So, it's on its way to the Ethiopian government and our 7-12 month time clock can finally start ticking. We will be trying to read as many books as possible and prepare for the arrival of a referral.

Please pray that the paperwork will go quickly through the hands of the Ethiopian government, that there will be no problems and that we can get a referral as quickly as possible. After we accept a referral, we travel eight weeks later to go get her. So it's possible we would get a referral as soon as late October (but it could be longer grandparents)! Obviously John and I were very excited and hope you all can share in our joy as well. Thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with us, we couldn't do it without you.


Erickson Family said...

Yeah!! So excited for you guys!! I think we are on a very similar time schedule! Can't wait for our little girls to meet each other. : )

I read several blogs that encourage me as we pursue this. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send them on to you.


Alysa said...

So excited that everything is finally in!