New Year's Eve Paella & Tapas Party

So I know New Year's Eve was almost a week ago, but I'm still proud of the party we helped throw. It featured Paella and Tapas and was delightful. And if you know anything about the Weatherfords, you know that a party is only made better by adding a theme. So, ¡Viva EspaƱa! Here are the highlights.

These are but a few of the red and yellow decorations that our friend Sarah put up in her house. She spent so much time making her house look beautiful and it was definitely worth it. She and her husband hosted the party at their humble abode.

The talented Sarah also has a knack for writing beautifully, so she got to make the welcome sign. BTW, this red chalkboard sign was made by my husband from homemade chalkboard paint. It worked really well! Thanks Pinterest for the tip!

This is a bit of the tapas that people brought. We had bacon-wrapped goat cheese filled dates, chorizo and fig skewers, stuffed mushrooms, traditional Spanish cookies and chickpea/shrimp skewers. Everything was delicious, even the stuff that sounded weird.

It wouldn't be a Spanish themed party without the Sangria. We had four different kinds!

One of the stars of the party was the fire pit. This was built by Andrew and John in order to cook the paella outside. The paella was good, but I think John just had more fun being near the fire.

Me and mine enjoying ourselves. It may look like John is crying for joy for the new year to start, but actually, the smoke from the fire pit was just bothering his eyes. I made him take a picture with me anyway. The other one is my sparkly daughter.

I was too tired into the moment to remember to take a picture at midnight. I love my party loving friends that indulge our need for a themed party on every occasion. May 2012 be filled with many occasions to celebrate!


Alysa said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the decorations, and the food looks amazing.

mark lawrence said...

Adorable clicks dear!! I bet you really had wonderful time with family. I also returned home for a family get-to-gather. My dad hosted a wonderful party at local but the prettiest venues in Los Angeles. It was such great feeling to spend such fun times with family.