Picture A Day In February, Self Portrait

I always say that I want to improve my photography skills. I don't plan on making a career of it or anything, but I'm always envious when I see people who can take pictures when the camera setting isn't in "Auto." So when I came across a list of things to take pictures of everyday for a month, I decided to do it. It might be fun. And since my husband teaches photography to high schoolers, why can't I learn a few things from him?

So, a picture a day for the month of February. No Photoshop (that's a whole different thing to learn), but just trying to use my camera the best I can.

February 1st was Self Portrait.

For the photographers out there that might care, I'm using our Canon S90 point and shoot. We have a fancy SLR, but I use the Canon more often since it can fit in my purse and that's the camera I'm more interested in learning to use. Baby steps...

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Monique said...

:-) this makes me happy! There are so many things that I keep saying that I will learn/do "one day". Hooray for taking steps to learn/do them today!