My Doctor's Visit

Thank you all for your support and encouragement after my last blog! I know our community supports us and is praying for us and our little girl. (And yes Carol- your comment did make me smile).

A quick update for you all. After my blog a few weeks ago, Jenn was thoughtful enough to give us the name and number of her doctor's office. We were both seen last week and our labs and blood tests should be back this week. The office does have a notary there (our last did not) and we should have all the needed paperwork back on Thursday when I go for my last appointment. This was a huge prayer request, so thank you all! We are currently working on the rest of our paperwork so that we can mail it in to our social worker. She needs our packet back before she can schedule our home study update.

When I was at the doctor's on Thursday, he was going through my medical history, asking me about past diseases and surgeries and current medications. When he finally connected the fact that he was preparing our adoption medical form, with the fact that I am also on birth control, he looked at me kinda funny. I knew what he was thinking, so I didn't make him ask the question. I just simply said, "We just want to adopt." I think sometimes it is hard for people to understand that we would want to adopt when we have no idea whether we can have biological children or not. I wasn't offended, but maybe he (and others that know us better) can see the love of Christ through us in this decision and throughout this process. (My last doctor didn't ever ask us, but her parents were missionaries to Africa and she spent much of her life there).

If you could continue to pray for us and our daughter, that would be wonderful. We need continued diligence in completing the paperwork. We are very excited to get things rolling, but sometimes when there is a mound of paperwork waiting for us, it is too overwhelming. And this leads to a bit of procrastination... Please pray that things would run smoothly at this point and that we would continue to trust and have patience. We love you all and thank you for loving us back!!!

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Sue said...

yay one big step done! Let me know if there's anything I can help with, I have a few weeks off... :)