New Prayer Requests

We got an email from our new social worker on Tuesday. She got the home study and the certification (yeah!). She had already let us know that we would have to do an update for the home study, but I guess we didn't realize what all that was going to entail. I was a little disappointed when I saw the list of things to redo. We have to get new background checks, new physicals, a new home visit, new employment verifications and new Child Protective Services documents. It makes sense because we did all of this about a year ago when we did our first home study, but I guess I didn't realize it would all need to be redone.

Please pray that we would be able to get this done quickly.
Please pray that we would find a new doctor soon since the one that did our last physical is no longer practicing.
Please pray that God would provide a notary to go to the doctor with us (again). All of the medical forms have to be notarized.
Please pray that everyone else that we count on (our employers, the county) would do their pieces of this quickly.

Thanks again for praying! As you can see, we really need it. We love you for being interested in our lives and supporting us in this adventure.


Jenn said...

I'm so glad you heard from the social worker! Thanks for the update!

Jeff & Alysa said...

at the very least something is finally happening as far as moving forward. sorry you have to do all that junk again though!