So tonight we were getting everything ready to send in to USCIS (immigration) to get our clearance updated. When we originally filled out our clearance forms, they were for a child from birth to 24 months. Since our child is now over 24 months, this will not work. They literally won't let her in the country if she does not match our paperwork. So, we were sending in the necessary items to get this updated to 3 years of age. While going through our paperwork, we discovered that we never sent in the updated homestudy that we had done in November. Each update you do has to get sent in to USCIS as well.

So, we had a bit of a panic attack when we realized this and were trying to figure out if this was a big deal or not. We don't actually know for sure, so we would like you all to pray that USCIS will get everything they need on this attempt and our oversight would not delay the process. We think that it will be okay because our homestudy (as far as immigration goes) was not actually supposed to expire until June or so. Please pray that this will go smoothly!

We have not heard about a court date or travel dates yet, but hope to hear sometime this week. I will let you know when we do. We are praying for our little girl a lot this week- that she remains as happy as she looks in her pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I can't be more happy for the 2 of you. Your little girl doesn'even konw how blessed she will be with the 2 of you as her parents. Sending prayers your way that everything works out fine and you know dates soon. So glad to see an update!!