Court Date Phone Call

I told you that I would let you all know as soon as we knew our court date, so here's the post. I didn't lie, this is the first time we found out about court, but it turns out that it already happened. We had our first court date today (Ethiopia time). Apparently we got missed on the round of phone calls or something because when the agency called this morning to let us know that we did not pass court today, they were trying to give us the news gently. I was more confused than anything because I didn't know if they were talking about our court date or some other thing that I didn't know about.

So, we didn't pass this time, but our new court date is on February 9 (so be praying that we pass then). The reason we didn't pass has nothing to do with our paperwork or us, so that is good news. Because of our daughter's family circumstances in Ethiopia (which I can't give the details of) the judge requested additional paperwork to prove that she's actually okay to be adopted. Ethiopia is very careful that the children they are sending out of the country have not been abducted, etc.

The lady at the agency said that they expect to have everything they need by the ninth and that they will call to let us know how it goes. So, court is coming up much fast than we thought. She said there is no way to know just yet what our travel dates will be, but most families have been traveling 5-6 weeks after they pass court. That would put us at mid- to late March! Crazy! That means we have a lot to do and a lot of money to get in a short amount of time. Luckily, with the week of prayer and fasting, God has really calmed my heart about everything and is showing me that he will provide what we need for her to get home.

Thanks so much for praying, I will keep this updated with any more news!

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