Bb is for...

I must admit, this will be harder than I thought. "A" was pretty easy, because I could pull from anything. My blog was open to anything. But "B" took some more time to think out. Mostly because I wanted to talk about a lot of what I had already mentioned in the last blog. But, I am determined to keep going and to try not to bore you. :)

(This is Benedict Cumberbatch, star of my favorite TV show. We also named our cat after him, Benedict "Benny" Cumbercat.)

British storytellers- British authors have always been my favorite. Okay, maybe not in elementary school. I mean, I assume the author of the Sweet Valley High books and Nancy Drew were American? But since high school I have been much more attracted to British authors. I don't know if I'll every get tired of reading Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre. But this has expanded recently from just books to TV as well. I could watch Sherlock (see above picture) and Downton Abbey over and over again. The current Brits seem to be moving in a bit more cruel direction, however. Like, I never have to worry about Jane Austen killing off one of my favorite characters and breaking my heart (I'm looking at you JK Rowling and Julian Fellowes.) But they sure know how to suck you in.

Beatles- Hey! I just realized they're British too! Totally unrelated, however. Since meeting John when I was 14 years old, he has greatly improved and expanded my music consumption. I'm pretty sure if he was completely aware of the kind of music I listened to before he came along, he would not have been so keen to love me. (Let's just say that he still won't let me live down that I owned, and liked, Throwing Copper by Live.) Luckily for me (and him), The Beatles helped me hide this information from him long enough to let him fall in love with other things about me. I liked the Fab Four long before I met John and it was one of the first things we discovered we had in common. He used to wear a shirt with the cover of Beatles For Sale on it. So I'll always have a soft spot for the band that helped me trick my future husband into falling in love with me (even if it was unintentional on my part.)

Boldness- This is an attribute that I've been trying to work on in my life. Those who know me would probably not use this word to describe me very often. I almost never send food back at a restaurant, I'm fairly quiet when meeting new people, and I'm not usually the first to volunteer for things. I don't like looking stupid (as opposed to all of you out there that just love looking stupid!) and like to be cautious when in new situations. But this isn't always a good thing and I do miss out on a lot of opportunities to encourage people or get to know someone new out of a fear of judgment. So, I'm trying to find out what boldness looks like while still being me. What it looks like to get over my self consciousness and go for it! And be okay if I end up looking stupid sometimes.

Brown- This is the color of my daughter. Don't let her hear you call her, or anyone else with her skin tone, "black." It doesn't fly in this house. She will never cease to remind you (as she often has to do with us) that she is brown and we are peach. Which really is a more accurate descriptor in most cases. Just don't ask me what color other races are because we haven't quite gotten there yet.

Blasé- 1. indifferent to something because of familiarity or surfeit. 2. lacking enthusiasm; bored. I hope I don't fit this description too often in my life. But it is a fun word to say, isn't it? Try fitting it into a sentence this week.

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